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. >>> contract talks between clerical workers at the ports of los angeles and long beach and shippers have resumed. today the strike enters its 7th day. clerical workers who have been without a contract for two years walked out last week bringing the ports of los angeles and long beach to a standstill. right now ships are being diverted to the port of oakland. the southern california ports are the busiest in the state taking in about $1 billion worth of goods a day. >>> time now is 4571. first video of the year now another honor for gangnam style. can't see that enough. >> plus politics and the performing arts at kennedy center honors. who was recognized last night. we'll tell you. >> hugh hefner will soon be off the market. when he plans to get married. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,, >>> still quite a few clouds outside but no rain. we'll stay dry but there's a storm off the coast. when will that hit? we'll talk about that coming up. >> so far, so good on your bay area bridges this morning. no metering lights at the bay bridge and an easy ride on the golden gate bridge and san mateo bridge. traffic and
to cut that by as much as 75-cents. >>> there's one step needed to end the labor dispute between the port of oakland and its union. they have ratified a new four year contract. and it goes to the board for approval. the tentative agreement includes a 2 .5% cost of living raise. the workers went on a 24 hour strike that disrupted port operations. >>> it has been a brisk holiday shopping season this far and it's time to ship the gifts. fedex gearing up for its busiest day of the year. 19million packages are expected to be shipped. most of the increase in shipment is because of a jump in online holiday orders. >> that reminds me i have a lot to ship out. >>> president obama and house speaker john boehner met one on one yesterday. are they any closer to a deal on the fiscal cliff. >>> and dr. j's the center of the royal hoax break their silence. >>> and hoveling villagers -- and how villagers in india help rescue this massive elephant. this holiday, share everything. share "not even close." share "you owe me..." share "just right." the share everything plan. shareable data across 10 devices w
's largest port complex will return to work today after a 9 day strike. negotiators reached agreement to end the strike last night. the details have not been released yet. but it needs to be ratified by union members. the union was frustrated about shipping employers outsourcing jobs and the strike shut down 10 of 14 cargo container terminals at the nation's busiest seaport complex. >> going to get cargo moved throughout the supply chain in the country and get everybody those christmas presents for they are looking for in those stores. >> clerical workers who have been without a contract for two years walked out more than a week ago and thousands of longshoreman refused to cross the picket line. >>> contra costa county board of supervisors are delaying a vote on whether to shut down four fire stations including ones in walnut creek, clayton, martinez and lafayette. if approved, the closures will go into effect january 1. it comes after the district burned through its cash reserves because of a loss of property taxes in that failed tax measure on the november ballot. the county's top fire off
, employees at major ports back east and in the gulf coast could soon be on strike. the international longshoreman's association is calling for that action if a deal on a new contract is not reached soon. a walkout by 15,000 dock workers would hold billions of dollars worth of imported goods. >>> and thousands of bay area nurses plan to walk off the job on christmas eve. a spokesman for the california nurses association says it will be a one-day strike, the 8th since september 2011. it will affect seven sutter hospitals in san francisco and two others in san jose. they are add odds over benefits and staffing. >>> they are installing different piping at the richmond refinery to prevent fires. according to the "san francisco chronicle," this kind of piping is made to resist the type of corrosion that's believed to have caused the august fire at chevron. officials tests on the fire are not complete. >>> later this week, state regulators are expected to approve a pg&e plan aimed at improving its pipeline safety guidelines. it is all in response to the explosion of a pg&e pipeline that kil
. >>> checking other bay area headlines now on this tuesday, the port of oakland and union workers have reached a tentative contract agreement. two weeks ago more than 500 members of the seiu local 1021 went on strike. both sides have been at the bargaining table for 16 months. details of the agreement will be released when the contract is voted on tomorrow. >>> the contra costa county fire protection district will hold a special meeting to consider a cost-cutting service reduction plan. among the actions being considered the closure of some fire stations. the district had to cut back after measure q failed to get a two-thirds majority in the election last month call for a parcel tax to fund fire services. >>> capitol hill lawmakers now have just four weeks to agree on a budget solution and judging from the rhetoric on both sides, they are getting nowhere. here's susan mcginnis with more on today's scheduled talks and the latest proposal from republicans. >>> reporter: governors from six states are headed here to washington today to tell president obama their thoughts on the "fiscal cliff." the
anne makovec here in san francisco now where crab boats are still sitting in port this morning. >> reporter: good morning. they are docked here at fisherman's wharf. normally they would be very busy out there catching crab. they are on strike right now and this is all over a dispute about the price of dungeness crab. the season opened back in mid- november and the problems started on sunday when crabbers heard that fish brokers were going to drop the price of wholesale crap from $3 a pound, which they had agreed upon, to as low as $1.80. brokers say that after thanksgiving, demand for dungeness dropped and they are trying to balance supply and demand. the crab boats are idle. supply is dropping. some retailers report they have no crab left. so we'll see how long this strike lasts. right now, it is affecting three areas of california. the san francisco bay, half moon bay and bodega bay, as well. live on fisherman's wharf, anne makovec, cbs 5. >>> new this morning, the duchess of cambridge has been discharged from her london hospital after being treated for acute morning sickness
. the cause of the smell is being investigated. >>> another port of oakland executive is on his way out because of an expensive account problem. maritime director james kwon is quitting effective this month but will stay on as an advisor until hills replacement is hired. an audit also found questionable expenses by other employees and commissioners. >>> search crews in vallejo plan to use sonar to find a missing man. they believe a 77-year-old man fell into the mare island straits. he was last seen saturday afternoon working on a tugboat on the eastshore of mare island. since then divers and coast guard has searched the waters but found nothing. >>> this afternoon contra costa county board of supervisors will take up a proposal to close as many as four fire stations. this follows the failure of a parcel tax that didn't get voter support. there is a $3 million shortfall so stations could shut down in walnut creek, clayton, martinez and lafayette. >>> a mysterious invasion along some beaches in california. thousands of squid washed up yesterday along a 12-mile stretch of shore on monterey
in. >>> crab fishermen are sailing out of port this morning. crabbers will head out of san francisco, half moon bay and bodega bay. they went on strike after wholesalers tried to pay them less than $3 a pound. strike meant there was little fresh dungeness crab left in stores and restaurants. >>> prices lower a little bit, get a lot of fresh dungeness crab. hopefully more people can come into the restaurant and come down and enjoy the crab in the holiday season. >> dungeness should be back in stores and on menus tomorrow or friday at the very latest. some other bay area headlines on this wednesday, some brazen burglars in walnut creek helping themselves to the contents of this macy's jewelry counter. they smashed their way into the store overnight on tuesday and ransacked the entire department. no word on how much they got away with. >>> and san francisco supervisors get serious about cracking down on metal thefts. the board of supervisors passed legislation unanimously with a permitting system for metal sellers and buy, giving them the power over those doing illegal deems. >>> you can catch a r
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8